Tenant FAQs

Answers to your common questions

  • Can I use my security deposit as last month’s rent?

    No. The security deposit is meant to cover cleaning, carpet cleaning, and damages under the terms of lease.
  • I am an excellent tenant and I take great care of the property. Can you waive my late fee?

    While we appreciate you being a great tenant, we do not waive late fees.
  • Is a landlord required to fix all my repair issues?

    No. The landlord is required to keep the unit in a safe and habitable condition, excluding damage caused directly by tenants.
  • What can be deducted from my security deposit?

    Landlord can deduct any rent, late fees, other outstanding fees, cleaning, carpet cleaning, or any damages beyond normal wear and tear.
  • How can I renew my lease?

    We would love for you to renew your lease. That means you love your home and you love working with us. We will contact you approximately 60-90 days from lease expiration to discuss your lease renewal.
  • I am renewing my lease, why is my rent going up?

    Please note that most rents will go up approximately 5-15% with every renewal. Tenants can prevent this from signing up for multi year leases. All terms will be bound according to law.
  • Can I get a pet after I move in?

    Any pet would have to be fully screened and if approved prior to bringing the pet into the residence. Tenant must sign a pet addendum and pay the Non-Refundable Pet Admin Fee of $100 per pet and monthly pet admin fee for each pet. (each property is subject to particular rate for pet fees).
  • Can I make changes to the property?

    No. The lease clearly states that you are not allowed to make any repairs to the property without written consent. Please contact the office if you feel you need any repair work done.
  • Can I reduce my rent if I do work to the property?

    No. The lease clearly states that you are not allowed to make any repairs to the property without written consent. Please contact the office if you feel you need any repair work done.
  • What if I have a pet that does not like other people?

    Per South Carolina law, we are required to give 24 hours notice prior to coming to property unless during an emergency. If aggressive animals are not contained during showings and property management is not able to enter the property, a fee of $100 will be charged to the tenant per occurrence.
  • What happens if I want to break my lease?

    Breaking the Lease: In the event a Tenant may request an early lease termination, Tenant may request Landlord to seek an approved replacement tenant and must strictly adhere to ALL of the following procedures:
    • Tenant must pay Landlord the $700 LEASE TERMINATION FEE.
    • Tenant must specify a move out date.
    • Upon receipt of payment, Landlord will begin to advertise the property in the attempts to locate a replacement tenant at terms equal to or acceptable to Landlord per the current lease agreement. Any replacement tenant must, in Landlord's discretion, be acceptable as a tenant and must sign a new lease agreement with terms not less favorable to Landlord than this lease.
    • Tenant will continue to pay the agreed to monthly rent and all utilities until a replacement tenant is located, a new lease agreement is executed, and the replacement tenant moves in.
    • Tenant will vacate the home on or before the specified date given for their early move out.
    • Tenant is required to vacate the property at least 10 days prior to replacement tenant move in to allow time for cleaning, carpet cleaning, painting, and any repairs.
    • Although the Landlord needs this time to prepare the house for renting, tenant is required to pay rent and utilities until the replacement tenant takes possession.
    • All security deposits are then subject to the guidelines contained in this lease two month’s equivalent of rent as a Lease Buyout Fee prior to vacating the home.~

Future Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I'm interested in a property, what do I do first?

    Check the listing requirements to make sure that you like all that the property offers. Keep a close eye on our website for the latest information and availability as our inventory changes daily. Our website will contain detailed listing information, pictures, video, and a map for directions. Watch the walk through videos so that you can see what the inside of the property looks like. We encourage you to drive by the advertised property, to determine whether the residence appears to meet your needs before scheduling a viewing. We do require that you complete our screening background check before viewing a property.
  • How can I view a home I am interested in?

    Please make sure to go over all the listing information and drive by the home to make sure you like the home. Make sure you meet our requirements as per the listing details. If you decide you want to move forward, you can fill out a background check on Zillow. We require you meet the minimum requirements prior to viewing the home (we don’t want to waste your time showing you home you won’t qualify for). Once we receive the background check results and you meet the minimum requirements, we will schedule a viewing!
  • Do you show properties after hours and weekends

    M-F 8:00AM to 5:00 PM. We can show properties after hours if we have availability.
  • Is the rent amount negotiable?

    We try hard to offer homes at accurate and reasonable prices. Usually the rent is not negotiable but we are happy to present the offer to the owner. This may delay processing your application.
  • What if I have a poor credit score?

    We understand life happens and credit scores may not give 100% of the full story. We don’t look just at the number. We ask that any tenant explains issues on credit scores. What we are looking for is a pattern of not paying bills and your story will help to fill that in. Any score less than 620 may require higher deposits initially that can be refunded after 6 months of on time payments.
  • What are general lease terms?

    The Lease Agreement is typically for a 12-month term. Shorter or longer leases must be approved prior to submitting an application but may incur higher rent fees. Leases preferably start May-August but we do often have leases which start on other months. If your Lease Agreement begins mid-month, you will be asked to pay a prorated rent portion on move-in day. The monthly rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late after the 5th, which will result in a daily late fee after the 5th. The Non-Refundable Reservation Fee will convert to the Refundable Security Deposit and $120 Lease Administration Fee once the Lease Agreement begins and possession is taken. After the initial lease term, either party may provide a 60-day notice to vacate.
  • What if I need a month to month rental?

    Our unfurnished homes are typically rented on a 12 month lease term. For month to month rentals, check out our furnished rental page www.staygvl.com for nightly and longer term rates.
  • What fees/deposits will we owe at the start of the lease?

    Non Refundable: Prorated first month's rent, Last month’s rent, pet admin fee
    Refundable: Security deposit, Pet deposit(per pet), refundable clean fee
  • Will I be required to have renters insurance? What are the requirements?

    Every tenant will be required to show proof of renters insurance prior to receiving keys. Minimum liability of $100,000 on every policy. EntreRealty, LLC will be required to be additionally insured on policy. Dangerous breeds will have to be covered by insurance policy and minimum $300,000 liability on each pet. Any pets with previous attacks will not be allowed on the property.
  • How long will you hold a property?

    Typically we will hold a property for up to 2 weeks (without charge). To hold a property (and take it off the market), we will require a $750 non refundable deposit which will be applied to your move in fees/deposits upon move in.
  • What is your pet policy?

    Most of our properties will consider pets on a case-by-case basis with the final decision up to the property owner. PLEASE GET APPROVAL FOR YOUR PET(S) BEFORE SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION. We typically charge a Non-Refundable Pet Admin Fee of $100 per pet and $25 monthly Pet Admin Fee for each pet. We do require that you obtain liability protection for your animal(s) that is part of your tenant insurance requirements. For pet friendly properties, any more than 2 animals must be approved by owner. Acceptable pets include: dogs, cats, small caged animals, caged birds, and fish. Service/Companion animals are allowed and are exempt from any pet rent or pet application fees. Livestock animals, poisonous, dangerous, or exotic animals, and dogs that are considered "aggressive breeds" are prohibited unless specifically insured by tenant’s liability policy for a minimum of $300,000 liability. EntreRealty LLC must be added as additionally insured on this policy. Aggressive dogs may include but are not limited to: Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, Husky or any breed of guard dog trained to attack. The foregoing applies to both purebred and any mix containing one of these breeds. Applicant must provide breed, weight, age, and submit a photo of all pets.
  • What are the considerations for service animals?

    We do comply with requirements for service and emotional support animals; however, tenants MUST furnish the following in order to have the pet fee and deposit waived:

    Tenants must submit the following questions with answers that is answered by the tenant’s medical professional. The letter must be an official document with the letterhead of the medical professional, and include contact information, phone number, email address and the medical professional`s license number. The note must be signed by the medical professional. Questions to be answered:

    A. Does the tenant have a disability?

    B. Does the tenant require the assistant animal because of the above disability?

    C. What work or task the animal has been trained to perform.

    Tenant must furnish vaccination records for the pet to show that all vaccinations are current.

  • Are Cosigners allowed?

    At this time we do not allow consignors.
  • How much is an application fee?

    At this time, we do not charge an application fee, but we do require tenants provide a full background check within the last 30 days (Criminal, eviction, credit) prior to viewing the property. If the tenants do not have a background check, tenants can apply via zillow or we can send a Transunion My Smart Move background check request. The background checks typically cost the tenants around $40. The background check will be property of the applicant so they can use it for other properties if they decide to pass on our property.