Property Management Pricing

No hidden fees

Property management can be stressful. We are here to take the stress out of investment real estate for you so you can focus on what you love to do.

Services Offered

Silver Plan


Gold Plan


Diamond Plan


Lease Only/Tenant Placement

Customer Service 9-5 M-F 9-5 M-F 9-5 M-F 9-5 M-F
Price (Per Month) 8% of Monthly
Rent Collected
10% of Monthly
Rent Collected
12% of Monthly
Rent Collected
New Tenant Placement 75% of One
Month's Rent
50% of One
Month's Rent
25% of One
Month's Rent
100% of One
Month's Rent
($1000 minimum)
Lease Renewal Fee 10% 10% 10%
Onboarding fee $775 $775 $775 $775
Professional Leasing System
Expert Price Rental Analysis
Website Advertising to over 50 Websites to include Trulia, Zillow
Social Media Advertising on Twitter, Facebook, IG
Tenant Showings 7 Days A Week
State of the Art Tenant Showing
3rd Party Pet Screening
Comprehensive Owner Updates
Custom SC Law Applicant Lease with EZ Electronic Signing
Security Deposit Collection
Owner Kept Up-To-Date Throughout Process
Professional Photographs (Per Listing) $250 $175 $100 $275
Professional Video Walkthrough $100 $75 $25 $115
Professional Management
Available Friendly Staff to Support Tenant
Dedicated Property Manager
Utility Coordination/Tenant Concierge Service
HVAC Filters Delivered to the Property Quarterly
Renter's Insurance - $100,000 Liability Coverage to Owners
Lease Enforcement
HOA Violation Management
Legal Compliance (Fair Housing, Landlord/Tenant Law)
Online Rent Collection
Tenant Collections -
Call, Text, Email
Eviction Preparation and Filing
Repair and Maintenance Coordination
24/7 Emergency Repair Hotline
Home Warranty Repair Management $50 per occurance $50 per occurance $50 per occurance
Advertising on Twitter, Facebook, IG
Security Deposit Reconciliation
Property Turnover Coordination
Proactive Lease Renewals with Rental Increases
60 Day Marketing Pre-Vacancy
Quick Payment of Owner Proceeds
Coming Soon!
Convenient Online Owner and Tenant Portals
Monthly and Year End Statements Emailed
Annual Tax Prep & 1099 Reporting $50 per occurance $50 per occurance
Year End 1099 Sent Electronically
Move In Evaluation with 150+ Photos & Basic Video $100 per evaluation $175
Move Out Evaluation with 150+ Photos & Basic Video $100 per evaluation
Bi Annual Inspection with 150+ Photos & Basic Video $100 per evaluation $100 per evaluation $100 per evaluation

Landlord Protection Guarantees

Happiness Guarantee

We guarantee to find a suitable tenant within 60 days of marketing the property or you can cancel, no penalty.

Leasing Guarantee

Although we do comprehensive screening, bad things can happen to good tenants or transitions are needed. If for any reason your tenant has to break their lease within the first 9 months, we will release the property for no charge to you.

Insurance Protection

We require your tenants to carry a minimum $100k in tenant liability insurance in the event they accidentally do something at the property like start a kitchen fire or cause a plumbing leak. This helps to prevent your insurance from having to get involved. Peace of Mind you Deserve! Simply Protected.

Pet Damage Protection

When you consider that 70% of renters own pets, allowing your home to be pet friendly is a good business decision. Starting for new leases in 2021, we will cover up to $2000 for pet damage beyond the deposit.
Silver- $1000, Gold- $1500, Diamond- $2000